BDO Document Library

Handbook Vol 1

BDO Playing Rules
Section A - Index to Contents Volume One
Section B - Memorandum of Association
Section C - Articles of Association
Section D - Membership
Section F - Directors
Section G - Meetings
Section H - Finance BDO Accounts
Section J - N/A
Section K - N/A
Section L - Miscellaneous
Section M - Transgender Guidelines

Handbook Vol 2

Section A - Index to Contents Volume Two
Section B - BICC Player List (Start of Season)
Section B - BICC Player Registration Form
Section B - BICC Playing Rules
Section B - BICC Player Release Application
Section B - BICC Team Reg Form
Section B - Superleague Player Registration Form
Section D - BDO British Champions Cup
Section D1 - BDO British Champions Cup Entry Form Men
Section D2 - BDO British Champions Cup Entry Form Women
Section E - BDO British Gold Cup
Section E1 - BDO British Gold Cup Entry Form Men
Section E2 - BDO British Gold Cup Entry Form Women
Section F - British International Championships
Section H - Six Nations Cup Rules & Events Rota 2017
Section J - Youth Knockout Cup
Section K - Lakeside World Championships

Codes Of Practice

COP No 1 - Events
COP No 2 - Officials
COP No 3 - Disciplinary Proceedings
COP No 4 - Marathons
COP No 5 - Policy on young players
COP No 6 - Betting & Related Activity
COP No 7 - Sports Equity Policy
COP No 8 - Child Protection Policy
COP No 9 - Heath and Saftey
COP No 10a - Social Media Guidelines
COP No 10b - Social Media Disclaimer
COP No 11 - Sports Visa Information - Visiting UK

Regulatory Information

Visa Procedures

Anti Doping Information

BDO Anti-Doping Rules
Doping Control Leaflet
Doping Control Process
Players Guide to WADA and Anti-Doping
Players Whereabouts - ADAMS process
Theraputic Use Exemption (TUE's)
UK National Anti Doping Policy
WADA Prohibited List 2014
WADA Resources Guidelines


BDO Privacy Policy
BDO GDPR Privacy Statement
BDO Player Agreement
BDO County Privacy Policy Template

General Documents

Invitation Tables Criteria 2019/2020
BDO Ranked Event Application Form
World Masters - Rules
World Masters - Qualifying Criteria
World Masters - Qualifier Notification Form
World Masters - Qualifying Tournament Application Form
BDO World Trophy - Mens Rules
BDO World Trophy - Ladies Rules
List of Member and Associate Member Bodies


All enquiries concerning these documents and the interpretation of any Rules should be emailed to the Rules Executive, Frank Branscombe.