July 06, 2020

It’s become a concern to the BDO Board of Director’s that the County letters we send out do not reach the players in each County, it’s for this reason we would like to make the following statement, we will then not be making any more statements until Monday 13th July.

Many Counties are facing a choice and in most cases a vote as to their future in County Darts, we would like to state the following.

By Monday the 13th July the BDO Board will be in a position to furnish you all with the facts regarding the BDO Liquidation (what we can tell you right now is that None of what you have heard on Social Media from ANYONE ELSE other than the BDO Board is correct, and that none of this insolvency is what it seems.

To date the BDO has received letters from only 2 counties informing us that they no longer wish to be a part of the BDO.

The BDO Board Believe that to leave the BDO BICC before the AGM (proposed date of the 30th August) would be a mistake as to do so means the following,

1, The leaving County will immediately loose all its stakes within the BDO (it would be a mistake to assume that there are no stakes or the stakes  to be worthless)  and it will be explained to you shortly what each Counties stakes are worth.

2, If the organisation that a County leaves the BDO for does not reach the level of support needed to operate and sustain a viable County like system, the leaving County (if they wish to return) will rejoin the BDO in the bottom division.

3, Any returning County would need to pay a rejoining fee without a stake in the organisation.

4, Any rejoining County would be subject to acceptance in the usual way by its members.

There is an awful lot of information that you need to be aware of and that information will become available in the coming 7 days or so.

Information that you hear from ANY third party cannot be relied upon and will most definitely be of influence (in a detrimental way) to your Counties vote.

The BDO know that we have at least 50% loyalty within the Counties and the figures that we provided to you some 6 weeks ago still work for the BDO and will create a viable County system not to dissimilar to what we have enjoyed for the past 40+ years, we will just be updating.

The message what we are strongly trying to get across to you all is to make a decision before the BDO AGM would be a mistake and each County will be throwing away 40+ years of history, we can and will make the BDO work once more.