September 01, 2020

There has been much speculation of late regarding the future of the BDO BICC, this has only been enhanced by the promotion of a rival Organisations set up to try and take away the heritage of the BDO, we cannot allow this to continue.

The BDO are pleased to announce the first list of County teams that will be remaining with the BDO for the 2021/22 season.

West Midlands
Isle of Wight

Several other Counties have had their vote and we are awaiting official confirmation that will be published in the following days, these Counties must inform their own members before the BDO will publish.

I can also confirm that I have been contacted by several County teams that have already had their vote and chosen to play in a rival Organisation but have since had a change of heart due to the BDO being a more viable option and indicated that they will not be playing in the rival Organisation and will be registering with the BDO BICC for the
forthcoming season, these names will be added to the list when it is deemed appropriate by the individual County concerned.