June 06, 2020

The BDO are very pleased to announce the return of the British Teenage Singles (under 20 years old) and the return of the Young Players Challenge Singles (18 – 25) category in the Youth Festival of Darts.

This is a step in the right direction for the Youth players in the BDO and these two events are being Sponsored by Merlin Accountants.  The BDO Youth has never looked so promising with two new Sponsors in as many weeks.

The BDO had been contacted by both Youth players and parents asking if these events could be reconsidered and with the addition of a second Sponsor, the new events became viable once more.

As soon as the Government give the Country the Guidelines on social distancing, we will be looking to announce the dates for all of the Youth events played at the Blues Club Gainsborough.

May we ask for the co-operation of all the Counties to get this information out to all their Youth players and Academies on their own County sites and Social Media sites etc., please?

Des Jacklin

Chairman / CEO BDO