March 12, 2020

Due to the continuing spread of the Coronavirus it is important that all are aware that for those travelling to Tournaments anywhere in the World there may be restrictions in place as set by the relevant authorities within the respective regions that may affect any travelling or gathering within the regions as designated and that circumstances may change with minimal notice.

It is therefore important that everyone makes regular enquiries as to the current status of the relevant Tournaments by making regular visits to the respective Organisation/Tournament websites and official Social Media pages.

Please seek confirmation that events will be taking place as scheduled and make adequate arrangements when booking flights/hotels to the effect that in the worst scenario then cancellation insurance cover is given prime consideration.

It is also recommended to follow the World Health Organisation website which gives Coronavirus international status https://www.who.int/ . This website also contains public advice on how to self-protect with simple but important measures such as hand washing and sneezing into your hand or disposable tissue plus whenever possible keeping a respectable distance from other persons.

Whilst handshakes are an integral part of our friendly sport It is strongly recommended that this practice be avoided during darts matches until such time that these emergency restrictions are no longer necessary.

Yours in the Sport of Darts

Des Jacklin - Chairman /CEO For the BDO