"Straight To The Bull" Player Profile

Player Name
Trina Gulliver

Golden Girl

Professional Darts Player


Married to Sue with two step children Elaine & Paige


45 caps for England, not including World Cups and European Championships

What Darts Do You Use - Are You Left Or Right Handed
27grams Trina Gulliver Darts, diamond coated, manufactured by Winmau. Right handed

How Long Have You Been Playing
Since I was 14.........................so..................a long time

Tournaments Won
Nine Times Womens World Champion, Five Times Winmau World Masters Champion, plus lots more. Visit my website www.trina-gulliver.com

Who Is Your Favourite Player
Martin Adams, Andy Fordham and.........The Wife, Sue Gulliver. (phew, Lol)

What Is Your Favourite Dart Related Memory
Hard to pick just one out so would have to say all my World Championship wins

What Is Your Favourite Darts Story
In Germany some years ago now. Crissy Manley (was Howat) had a few to many drinks. Had to literaly lean on me whilst on stage collecting her trophy, and then, what I can only call as a big effort from Myself, Sandra Greatbatch and Tricia Wright, trying to get her in the taxi, not be sick whilst in it and get her back to hotel and to bed. At one point, my trophy was looking like it might get soiled. Very funny. Then she still insisted that she was just going to have a little sleep and then come out with us all again. Needless to say, she didnt make it and was rather Ill for a few days. .................There has been so many funny stories though.

Walk On Song
Hot Chocolate, Sexy Thing

What Teams Do You Support
Man Utd

Favourite Tipple
A dry white wine, or a nice Rose..........Ok, I'll take both then.

Favourite Food
Steak and Tiger Prawns

What Car do You Drive & What Is Your Dream Car
I have 3 cars at the moment, but only one works properly, that one being a black one with wheels. (Hopefully?) Dream car..........one that works properly.

Favourite Movie
Sister Act (whithout a doubt)

Favourite Singer

What Newspaper Do You Read

Fishing, playing drums, watching sports.

Four People You Would Invite to Dinner
Robbie Williams, Madonna, David Beckham, Drew Barrimore