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BDO World Trophy 2017

Press Release

The BDO are pleased to announce that The BDO World Trophy this coming weekend 26th – 29th May 2017 will be shown live throughout the World. All the live action can be viewed on: :  Read More

BDO World Trophy 2017

Ticket Sales

Tickets for the World Trophy held at the Barry Memo Arts Centre between 26-29 May 2017 are on sale at:  Ticketsolve

Tickets cost £15.00 per day or £40.00 for all 4 days

Welsh Open 2017 Champions and Runners-up

Men: Champion - Glen Durrant (England), Runner-up - Scott Waites. (England)
Women: Champion - Lorraine Winstanley (England), Runner-up - Lisa Ashton (England)
Boys: Champion - Nathan Girvan (Scotland), Runner-up - Jack Vincent (England)
Girls: Champion - Beau Greaves (England), Runner-up - Jessica Bonner (Wales)
Men's Pairs: Champions - Ryan Hogarth & Camerson Menzies, Runners-up - Wayne Glover & Garry Thompson
Women's Pairs: Champions - Ann Marie Potts & Linda Ithurralde, Runners-up - Lisa Ashton & Danielle Ashton
Mixed Pairs: Champions - Richard Veenstra & Sharon Prins, Runners-up - Jeff Smith & Lisa Ashton

Links to the recording of the live stream and to completed drawsheets can be found below.

Live Stream (Recording)
Men's Singles
Women's Singles
Men's Pairs
Women's Pairs
Mixed Pairs

Announcement – Ranking Points for Special Events

This announcement is being provided to inform all interested parties of the impact of the decision taken by shareholders of the BDO at the BDO Member County Delegates Meeting held on Sunday 7th May 2017 with regard to the awarding of points for Special Events in the BDO Invitational Rankings System.

The Shareholders requested an explanation as to why the BDO Board of Directors had amended Ranking System Rules without their approval. They were informed that the Board had done so under power granted to them within the rules, permitting the Board to use their own discretion in respect of the content of the rules. The particular rule change in question had created the situation where Special Events were to be exempt from the generally applicable “No Win – No Points” rule.

Discussion took place that made it clear that there were Shareholders who believed the Board had been wrong in invoking the clause granting the use of “discretion” and a formal proposal was made to the effect that the Board receive a directive from the Shareholders to reverse the decision previously taken with regard to the “No Win – No Points” rule in respect of Special Events.

The proposal was carried by a large majority of the Shareholders. As a result, the Board of Directors have accepted the directive and therefore ranking points awarded to players that did not win any game in a Special Event shall now be removed in accordance with the Shareholders directive with immediate effect.

Read the full details here.

Welsh Open 2017

Drawsheets for the Welsh Open 2017 are available by following the links below.

Men's Singles
Women's Singles
Men's Pairs
Women's Pairs
Mixed Pairs

BDO World Trophy 2017 Qualifiers

Friday 12th May 2017 - The play-offs at Prestatyn have been completed. Taking their places in the BDO World Trophy through winning a place today are Jeff Smith (Canada), Carl Dennel (England), Martin C Atkins (England), Maria O'Brien (England) and Lindsey Ashton (England).

Our congratulations to all 5 of you.

Tickets for the World Trophy held at the Barry Memo Arts Centre between 26-29 May 2017 are on sale at:  Ticketsolve

Tickets cost £15.00 per day or £40.00 for all 4 days

BDO World Trophy 2017 Finals

The draw for the BDO World Tropy 2017 was carried out at Prestatyn on the day of the qualifier for the final places in the event.

View the draw here

Order of Play - Friday 26th May 2017

Order of Play - Saturday 27th May 2017

Tickets for the World Trophy held at the Barry Memo Arts Centre between 26-29 May 2017 are on sale at:  Ticketsolve

Tickets cost £15.00 per day or £40.00 for all 4 days

BDO World Trophy 2017 Qualifiers - Men's and Women's Drawsheets

Please use the links below to see the draws for the BDO World Trophy Qualifiers, due to be played on Friday 12th May 2017 at Pontins Prestatyn.

Men's Alphabetic with Group Numbers

Men's Draw

Women's Draw

Tickets for the World Trophy held at the Barry Memo Arts Centre between 26-29 May 2017 are on sale at:  Ticketsolve

Tickets cost £15.00 per day or £40.00 for all 4 days

WDF World Cup 2017 - Statement from the BDO

After all the postings on social media regarding the World Cup and teams from England, Scotland and Wales not attending the event in Japan this year, the BDO has decided that it will make a statement regarding this matter.

The BDO board offered each country a contribution of £6,000 for 9 flights for 4 Men, 4 Ladies and 1 Team Manager on 3rd March 2017 when the details of the packages were released by the WDF. The BDO makes the offer for flights to the Europe Cup or World Cup every year, for whatever event is taking place.

Read the full statement here.

BDO World Trophy 2017 Qualifiers - Alphabetic List of Entrants

Please use the links below to check your entry for the BDO World Trophy Qualifiers, due to be played on Friday 12th May 2017 at Pontins Prestatyn.

Men's Alpha List at Close of Entry

Women's Alpha List at Close of Entry

Online Entry to the BDO World Trophy Qualifiers is now closed. Please see 2nd article below for further information.

Tickets for the World Trophy held at the Barry Memo Arts Centre between 26-29 May 2017 are on sale at:  Ticketsolve

Tickets cost £15.00 per day or £40.00 for all 4 days

Denmark Open and Masters

The Denmark Open and Masters are being played on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April 2017. Follow the links below for live streaming of the event.

Saturday - Denmark Open Live Streaming

Sunday - Denmark Masters Live Streaming

BDO World Trophy 2017 - Online Entry

The qualifiers for both the Men's and Women's BDO World Darts Trophy will take place on Friday 12th May 2017 at Pontins Prestatyn, Central Beach, Barkby Ave, Prestatyn LL19 7LA as part of the Welsh Open Darts weekend.

Register 9.00 a.m. Toe the Oche 10.00 a.m.

Men's Qualifier: format will be best of 7; final best of 9; there will be 3 qualifiers from this event.

Women's Qualifier: format will be best of 7; there will be 2 qualifiers from this event.

All qualifiers will go forward to the Finals at Memo Arts Centre Gladstone Road, Barry, Vale Of Glamorgan, CF62 8NA .

Online-Entry closes at 12 noon on Wednesday 10th May 2017

Tickets for the World Trophy held at the Barry Memo Arts Centre between 26-29 May 2017 are on sale at:  Ticketsolve

Tickets cost £15.00 per day or £40.00 for all 4 days

Floreal Ranked Events Cancelled

The BDO have been notified that the Floreal Open and Masters have been cancelled. These events were due to be played on May 6th and May 7th 2017.

Press Release - BDO World Trophy 2017

Tuesday 18th April 2017

BDO World Trophy 2017 Ticket Sales

Tickets for the World Trophy held at the Barry Memo Arts Centre between 26-29 May 2017 are on sale at:  Ticketsolve

Tickets cost £15.00 per day or £40.00 for all 4 days

Read the full press release here.

Winmau Iceland Open 2017 Winners

Pictured left - the Winmau Iceland Open Champions, Algina Juknaite (Lithuania) and Peter Sajwani (Sweden).

Lists for Men's last 32 and Women's last 16 are available. See links below.

Men's last 32

Women's last 16

Press Release - BDO World Trophy 2017

Wednesday 12th April 2017


The British Darts Organisation are delighted to announce the details regarding the fourth edition of the BDO World Trophy. The 2017 event will once again feature 32 men and 16 ladies. It will be staged from Friday 26th to Monday 29th May in the Vale of Glamorgan on the South Coast of Wales at the Memo Arts Centre, Barry.


The full line up for the 2017 BDO World Trophy will be completed once the BDO qualifiers have taken place. 3 men and 2 women will win through the playoffs at Pontins Prestatyn on Friday 12th May, prior to the Welsh Open weekend. Further information regarding the qualifying event, as well as ticketing details will be made available shortly. The draw and full schedule will be confirmed following those qualifiers.

Read the full press release, including invited players, here

Note: Asian and Australian qualifiers revised 13th April 2017

Tickets for the World Trophy held at the Barry Memo Arts Centre between 26-29 May 2017 are on sale at:  Ticketsolve

Tickets cost £15.00 per day or £40.00 for all 4 days

Press Release - Winmau World Masters 2017

Monday 10th April 2017

The Winmau World Masters Returns to the Bridlington Spa

After an eight year absence, the Winmau World Masters (the world’s oldest major darts tournament) will return to Bridlington, from Monday 25th September to Thursday 28th September, with some of the world’s top darts players competing at the Bridlington Spa.

Read the full press release here

Bulls German Masters

Played Sunday 9th April 2017

Men - Winner: Richard Veenstra (Netherlands); Runner-up: Yoeri Duijster (Netherlands); LSF's: Andy Baetens (Belgium) and Davy van Baelen (Belgium) - Men's Last 64 Drawsheet with Results;

Women - Winner: Deta Hedman (England); Runner-up: Aileen de Graaf (Netherlands); LSF's: Fallon Sherrock (England) and Lorraine Winstanley (England)) - Women's Last 32 Drawsheet with Results;

Bulls German Open

Played Saturday 8th April 2017

Men - Winner: Mark McGeeney (England); Runner-up: Toon Greebe (Netherlands); LSF's: Derk Telnekes (Netherlands) and Krzysztof Ratajski (Poland) - Men's Last 64 Drawsheet with Results;

Women - Winner: Deta Hedman (England); Runner-up: Aileen de Graaf (Netherlands); LSF's: Fallon Sherrock (England) and Sharon Prins (Netherlands)) - Women's Last 32 Drawsheet with Results;

Online Entry for BDO Events

Thursday 30th March 2017 - Online entry is now avalable for the following events:

BDO Gateway International Open - 8th July 2017

BDO Festival of Youth Darts - 22nd-23rd July 2017

Grosvenor Casinos BDO British Internationals

Wednesday 22nd March 2017 - The 2017 BDO British Internationals takes place this forthcoming weekend at the Cedar Court Hotel in Bradford, Yorkshire. There will be TV coverage provided by Frontrunner plus live streaming of the games that are not broadcast.

Event Statistics - Men

Overall Averages
Averages by Match

Event Statistics - Women

Overall Averages
Averages by Match

Event Statistics - Boys

Overall Averages
Averages by Match

Event Statistics - Girls

Overall Averages
Averages by Match

Schedule of Play

Friday 24th March

18:30 Scotland 1-1 Wales Girls (Results)
19:15 England 3-1 Wales Boys (Results)
20:15 England 2-0 Scotland Girls (Results)
21:00 Scotland 0-6 Wales Ladies (Results)

Saturday 25th March

11:00 Wales 1-3 Scotland Boys (Results)
12:00 Wales 0-2 England Girls (Results)
13:00 Scotland 1-3 England Boys (Results)
14:00 England 6-0 Scotland Ladies (Results)
15:30 England 12-0 Wales Men (Results)

Sunday 26th March

09:30 Wales 4-8 Scotland Men (Results)
13:00 Wales 4-2 England Ladies (Results)
14:30 Scotland 2-10 England Men (Results)

TV and Streaming

Frontrunner TV: available on Sky Channel 468, Freesat Channel 250, Freeview/TalkTalk/BT Channel 91 from 13:00 on Saturday and from 09:30 on Sunday

Streaming Link: Friday from 18:30

Streaming Link: Saturday from 11:00

Bull's German Open 2017 Announcement

Dear Dartfriends,

We have important news concerning the BULL'S German Open 2017, held from 07.-09. in Bochum.

Read the full announcement from the Event Organisers

BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts has a Home for Three Years in De Bonte Wever

The BAUHAUS Dutch Open Darts will be played in ‘De Bonte Wever’ in Assen for the next three years. The next edition of the world’s biggest open will take place from Friday the 2nd until Sunday the 4th of February 2018. Also, the 2019 and 2020 tournaments will take place in the renovated and expanded hotel and entertainment centre in the north of the Netherlands.

"We are very pleased with this agreement and the improvements being made to De Bonte Wever," said Paul Engelbertink on behalf of the Dutch Darts Association. "With the significant expansion that De Bonte Wever is currently undergoing, the complex will grow considerably which suits the ambition of our event. In the coming years, games will no longer be played in marquees and we can welcome more spectators and darters under one roof."

Read the full announcement here ...

Torremolinos Open 2017 - Champions

Men's & Women's Singles Champions - Sven Wens (BEL) & Anna Forsmark (SWE)

Men's Singles Champion - Sven Wens (BEL)

Ladies' Singles Champion - Anna Forsmark (SWE)

Men's Pairs Champions - Carles Arola & Brian Løkken

Ladies' Pairs Champions - Paula Jacklin & Sarah Roberts

Mixed Triples Champions - Johan Engstrom, Anna Forsmark & Adrian Frim

Torremolinos Open 2017

Torremolinos Festival Darts Tournament 2017, Sol Principe Hotel, Torremolinos

Order of Play Finals (Matches Start 10.30 C.E.T.)

Ladies' Pairs Semi-Finals

H Johnsen/E Mortensen 2-4 P Jacklin/S Roberts
A Cox/S Tait 4-2 A Forsmark/P Soderstrom

Men’s Pairs Semi-Finals

A Collins/G Tipping 4-2 M Wheawall/A Carrington
C Arola/B Løkken 4-0 L Pink/W Dunn

Ladies' Singles Semi-Finals

Paula Jacklin (ENG) 4-3 Frances Lawson (SCO)
Sarah Roberts (ENG) 0-4 Anna Forsmark (SWE)

Men’s Singles Semi-Finals

Wouter Vaes (NL) 2-5 Dyson Parody (GIB)
Carlo Van Cleef (NL) 2-5 Sven Wens (BEL)

Mixed Triples Final

S Wens/J Van Egdom/M Noijens 1-3 J Engstrom/A Forsmark/A Frim

Ladies' Pairs Final

P Jacklin/S Roberts 4-0 A Cox/S Tait

Men's Pairs Final

A Collins/G Tipping 3-4 C Arola/B Løkken

Ladies' Singles Final

Paula Jacklin (ENG) 4-5 Anna Forsmark (SWE)

Men’s Singles Final

Dyson Parody (GIB) 5-6 Sven Wens (BEL)

Please follow the links below to view the drawsheets for this year's event.

Men's Singles

Women's Singles

Men's Pairs

Women's Pairs

Mixed Triples

Winmau BDO Wolverhampton Open & Classic

TWO New Men's Category B BDO Ranking Tournaments for Wolverhampton

Read more ...

BDO International Open 2017 - Announcement

Change of Venue

This year's BDO International Open will not take place at Pontins Brean Sands due to contractual difficulties.

However the BDO International Open Singles will take place on Saturday 8th July 2017 at The Gateway Resort, Millennium Coast, Bynea, Llanelli, SA14 9SN.

See the full announcement here.

BDO Invitation System - Announcement

Amendment to British Darts Organisation Invitational Rankings System Criteria

After concerns raised by some BDO members national governing bodies and players of the BRITISH DARTS ORGANISATION on the non-awarding of points under rule 3.03 (d) of the British Darts Organisation Invitational Rankings System Rules & Conditions document 2016-17.

Their concerns were mainly based on the fact that they found it unfair that players who had qualified for the Lakeside World Professional Championship 2017 through the Invitational tables then lost their first match were not awarded any points but players that qualified from the play-offs were. They believed that they had won far more matches on their road to Lakeside than any qualifier did.

The above concerns were discussed at a BDO Board Meeting last weekend. It was decided to amend the Invitational Rankings System rules to award points to all players who had qualified through the Invitational Rankings criteria and through the Finder Invitational Rankings criteria. Wildcards invites would still have to win a match before being awarded points at the Finder Masters and BDO World Trophy.

The following events will all have their awarded points amended, Lakeside World Professional Championship, Winmau World Masters, BDO World Trophy & Finder Masters.

This ruling will be reviewed before the new Invitational Rankings System rules criteria 2017-18 is published to all member national governing bodies in August and published on the BDO website so all players and officials can review the new document prior to it coming into effect on the 1st October 2017. We hope this will satisfy the concerns that have been raised by the Players and national governing bodies.

24th Winmau Scottish Open

The 24th Winmau Scottish Open Darts Championship kicked off on the Friday night with the traditional warm up competition, the Open Triples. One hundred and ten teams lined up to compete for the £150 first prize and at the end of the night the Missing Darnell defeated Fluffy Toy Boys in the final.
Missing Darnell were Lynn Cowan, Neil Duff and Noel Yates and the Fluffy Toy Boys were Debra Waugh, Ryan Joyce and Joe Gaffney.

Semi-finalists were McDinos (Julie Thompson, Kev McDine and Mick Dixon) and CWR (Casey Gallagher, Wesley Harms and Richard Veenstra).

Read More ...

Lincolnshire Darts Claim Double Historic Firsts

Lincolnshire darts made darting history twice in one week. Firstly, the Lincolnshire Open 2017, to be held at the Blues Club Gainsborough on Sunday 11th June, will be the first County Open ever to receive EDO ranking points and BDO invitational points for BOTH Men's AND Ladies' Open Singles. Also on offer will be the usual Winmau World Masters place together with a World Pro Play-off place.

With over £3,000 in prize-monies, the Lincolnshire Open has become one of the most popular opens in the Country with over 200 entries most years. Entry fees for this year's event are £12 for Ladies and £15 for Men. Lincolnshire Darts look forward to seeing everyone there.

Lincolnshire's second piece of history was made when their youngest ever signing, Leighton Bennett, became the youngest ever male to grace the BICC County stage when he played in the Premier Division match between Lincolnshire and Devon aged just 11 years and 1 month.

Although Leighton lost this first match for his County, he showed moments of pure magic and will get the opportunity to try again in the next County match against Nottinghamshire on 4th March at the Blues Club, Gainsborough. Leighton has a great attitude towards the game and with superleague averages as high as 28+ this young man surely has a bright future and one to look out for when he takes advantage of the Lincolnshire sponsorship scheme.

Lincolnshire are proud of the ground breaking achievements they have made over the past couple of years and are demonstrating a total committment to the future of BDO and EDO Darts through their support of young players.

Scottish Open 2017

Thursday 16th February - Press Release from the Scottish Darts Association

The Scottish Darts Association have issued the following information for all competitors and spectators attending the Scottish open this weekend.

The Mens and Ladies Singles draws are now available at the SDA website:

Scottish Darts Association

There is also an A to Z list of board times available ... ... Read the full Press Release here

Exclusive Offer for World Para Athletics Championships 2017

The BDO have been supplied with details of a ticketing offer for the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships. Please read the invitation linked below for more information on the offer and how to apply for tickets.

Invitation Information

Romanian Darts Festival 2017 - Communication from the Organisers

Romanian Darts Festival 2017 a success. Conclusions of the second edition of one of the most important events of its kind in Europe

Bucharest, February 1st 2017 – The second edition of the Romanian Darts Festival came to an end after three days dedicated to the sport with arrows, where about 400 players have competed their forces at Hotel Intercontinental, in the struggle for prizes worth more than 15,000 euros.

Interesting to note is that all four Romanian Darts Festival finals were won by players with different nationalities as follows: RIDO (BDO Mens invitation table B, Ladies invitation table C) trophies were won by Dutchman Silko Visser (men) and Polish player Karolina Podgorska (ladies), while at RCDO(BDO Mens invitation table C, Ladies invitation table D), last acts revealed as winners Belgian player Andy Baetens (men) and England player Maria O'Brien (ladies).

Hoping that you were excited about the sensational atmosphere created during this wonderful weekend at Romanian Darts Festival, we wish to thank all participants and we are waiting for you all, next year.

Isle of Man and British International Darts to be Broadcast Live

Wednesday 1st February - Press Release from the England Darts Organisation

Front Runner, the UK's only free-to-air sports channel has today confirmed a broadcasting deal with the England Darts Organisation to broadcast live their next two darting events, the 32nd running of Pokerstars Isle of Man Festival of Darts 11th, 12th March, 2017 and the 38th Annual British Internationals Championships held at The Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford between 24th-26th March, 2017.

Tommy Thompson Chairman of the EDO "We are delighted to have signed this deal with Front Runner and to get live television exposure for two of our Flagship events and more so on a dedicated free to air sports channel is really exciting for all us, and we know the players and supporters of BDO darts will be thrilled with this fabulous news.”

Read the full press release here

Scottish Open 2017

Tuesday 31st January - Press Release from the Scottish Darts Association

The closing date for the Scottish Open at the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew, is fast approaching. All Open Singles entries must be in by Saturday 11th February with the opening competition taking place on Friday 17th February. This will take the traditional form of a Mixed Triples and anyone wishing to enter can still do so up till 7.00pm on the Friday evening.

Saturday’s singles will once again be held in two sessions, morning and afternoon, while the doubles can be entered during the day on Saturday, but organisers warn that if you don’t enter early enough you may miss out as the top limit is reached.

... ... Read the full Press Release here

Romanian Classic and International Open 2017

Tuesday 31st January - The drawsheets, complete with results, from the events played in Romania on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th January can be seen by following the links below:

Romanian Classic Darts Open:   Men      Women

Romanian International Darts Open:   Men      Women

Dutch Open 2017

Monday 30th January - the draws for the Dutch Open on 3rd-5th February 2017 have been published by the organisers. Follow the links below:

Men's Singles          Men's Pairs
Women's Singles     Women's Pairs

Gwynedd Open 2017

Monday 30th January - The 2017 Gwynedd Open was played yesterday at the Wellmans Sports & Social Club in Llangefni, Wales. This popular event was won by Mick Haynes (pictured left), beating Derek Williams (Clwyd) in a closely fought best-of-9 leg final, eventually won by 5 legs to 4.

Complete results for this event are available by following the link below.

Gwynedd Open 2017 Drawsheet

Finder Darts Masters - Press Release

Egmond aan Zee; Friday 27th January 2017

"The promoter of the Finder Darts Masters decided to add two new international tournaments to the Finder Darts Masters 2017 rankings.

Both, the Belgian Darts Bond and the Swiss Darts Association namely changed the format of their international tournaments. Both have decided to organize two WDF and BDO ranked single tournaments in one weekend.

The Swiss Open scheduled on the 10th of June was already included in the Finder Darts Masters ranking, added is the Helvetia Open, the new BDO and WDF ranked tournament played on Sunday, June 11th.

The other added tournament is the Winmau Belgium Masters on Sunday, August 6th. The Winmau Belgium Open taking place on Saturday, August 5th was already included in the ranking

This brings the number of tournaments in the Finder Darts Masters 2017 rankings at 18."

For more information please visit the Finder Darts Masters website.

Important Announcement

Thursday 26th January 2017 - It is regrettable that owing to contractual issues the British Darts Organisation has to announce today the removal of the following two events from the 2017 BDO Calendar.
(1) BDO Shownights European Open;
(2) BDO Shownights European Classic.
These events were scheduled to be held on the weekend of July 28th – 30th 2017. We apologise to our members if the removal of these tournaments from the calendar causes any inconvenience.

Glen Durrant Wins BDO Lakeside World Professional Championship

World number one Glen Durrant won the 40th staging of the BDO World Championship with a 7-3 victory over Dutch debutant, Danny Noppert,, on a memorable night of action at the Lakeside Country Club on Sunday evening.

Durrant had dominated the BDO circuit throughout 2016 and was under massive pressure to deliver this week after his previous World Championship heartbreak at the Lakeside. However, 'Duzza' held his nerve magnificently in Sunday's final to clinch his maiden world title and the £100,000 winner's cheque.

The 46-year-old Teessider averaged 93.48, landed thirteen maximums and posted 87 ton-plus scores to crown the greatest night of his darting life. Noppert battled valiantly and performed magnificently on his Lakeside debut, but he was convincingly beaten despite averaging 93.30 and also landing thirteen maximums.

The final began in blistering fashion, with Durrant registering seven perfect darts in the very first leg. The top seed then endured double-trouble but eventually pegged D1 with his eighth attempt at double to draw first blood.

'Duzza' extended his lead on D2 before Noppert opened his account with a 16-dart hold. The Dutchman registered his first maximum as he attempted to pressure the Teessider, but Durrant held firm to clinch the opening set with a 13-dart hold culminating on D3. Read the full match report here.

Lisa Ashton Wins Title for 3rd Time

Lisa Ashton was crowned women's world champion for a third time after recording a comprehensive straight sets victory over eighth seed Corrine Hammond in Saturday's final. Hammond battled valiantly, but Ashton was always in control and recorded an impressive 3-0 victory with an 81.81 average.

'The Lancashire Rose' stormed to the first set without reply. She began by nailing a 51 kill with her first dart at double, before extending her lead after following her first maximum with a clinical 14-darter. The second seed endured some double-trouble as she attempted to close out the set, but she eventually pegged D1 to wrap up the opener. Read the full match report here.

Press Release - BDO & Sportotal Commercial Partnership

Sportotal has today announced it has signed a multi-year deal with the British Darts Organisation to become their exclusive commercial advisor and representative.

Having exclusively acted for The BDO in the appointment of Channel 4 as the broadcast partner for the 2017 and 2018 BDO Lakeside World Professional Darts Championships, Sportotal and the BDO have now entered a multi-year partnership to devise and implement a long term commercial strategy for the BDO at every level and sphere of activity.

Sportotal’s global remit includes the management of all other commercial partnerships, the creation and implementation of a strategic commercial strategy across audio-visual, sponsorship, licensing, digital media, data, and all other commercial activities.

Stephen Holland, Co-Founder and Director of Sportotal said: “Having previously represented elements of the BDO’s business, we are delighted that, for the first time, we will act across all their commercial interests. This will give us the opportunity to oversee the structure of the event schedule best equipped to deliver the optimum commercial programme over a number of years.”

Sue Williams, Chairperson of the BDO said: “For some time, we have been looking for the right partner to advise us across our entire commercial portfolio in a cohesive way. We have been impressed with the results Sportotal have achieved for us in the past and their approach for the future. We are looking forward to working with them to grow our fan base, commercial programme and number of partners of stature, to drive the BDO forward.”

Commercial Enquiries: please contact our exclusive commercial advisors, Sportotal, at enquiries@sportotal.co.uk or visit their website at www.sportotal.co.uk