26 August 2013

A Chat with Fallon Sherrock

Following tournament wins in the past few weeks, notably the British Classic, BDO’s Interim Press Officer, Gareth Thomas, chatted to 19 year old darts star Fallon Sherrock about her career so far, recent successes and what the future holds. Here's what she had to say: 

So Fallon, it’s been a successful few weeks for you, tell us about how its gone?

Yes I'm really happy with my performance over the last few weeks I've picked up a lot of points, I'm so proud of myself and hope to carry my form into the next few competitions leading to lakeside.

These aren’t your only tournament wins though, what else have you achieved in your short career so far?

I have had a really successful 2 years - I won: The, Girls WDF World Cup 2011, Girls Winmau World Masters 2012, Jersey Open 2012, Sittingbourne Open 2013, England National Singles 2013 and the British Classic 2013. I have also been  a finalist at the Northern Ireland Open, Scottish Open and Welsh Classic so I am really pleased with the way my darts are progressing. 

My greatest darts moment is winning against a friend in his garage with a bullseye, what would yours be?

My greatest darts moment to date is winning the girls youth World Cup as it give me the confidence to go out and achieve more in my up coming career. 

What got you into darts in the first place, how long have you been playing?

I've been playing darts a little under 3 years, I got into darts because all my family play including my twin sister Felicia who is also a keen and talented darts player.

Your county Buckinghamshire missed out on promotion this year but you did come 2nd in the Women’s A dynamic average table, do you have high hopes for the new county season?

Yes, Buckinghamshire is like one big family and I have great support from all officials and players - they really want me to do well. Our Ladies team are amazing, and it is a pleasure for me to play with them. We have strengthened our Mens team with players returning to us, so hopefully we will be able to secure promotion this year.

So who is your favourite BDO player? 

My favourite BDO player is the talented Deta Hedman, who I'm lucky enough to play pairs with her on the BDO circuit. 

And what song do you walk out too?

Well my old walk on song was 'Last Friday Night' - Katy Perry... But I'm currently looking for a new walk on song,

You’re 19 years old and you say darts is your hobby what else do you do?

Well most my free time is playing and practicing playing darts, I also go to college and i’m study hairdressing and have recently passed my course.

Finally, What’s the dream for you Fallon?

My dream is to be woman's world champion within the next 3 years.

Thanks Fallon, all the very best!

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