29 November 2012


At a recent meeting of the BDO Board, it was resolved that Chairman, Barry Gilbey, assume the new role of BDO Director, Commercial and Legal Affairs, with BDO Director Sue Williams taking over as Chair.

Sue has been involved in darts for over 30 years and has been an integral part of the BDO team at the World Professional Championships since 1986. In 1988, Sue took over as Secretary of Glamorgan Darts and, in 2002; she became the Youth Officer for Wales. Since her introduction onto the BDO Board of Directors in 2011, Sue has been responsible for the BICC as well as managing the day-to-day operation of the company.

Barry was elected onto the Board of Directors in August 2011 and immediately took over the role as Chairman. During his tenure, Barry has overseen the introduction of four Executive Directors, giving the Company greater stability and expertise in areas such as PR, IT and Merchandising.
He has also taken significant steps to improve the BDO's commercial programme, bringing increased revenues into the sport, the result of which has been an increase in the prize fund in every single BDO Open event in 2012.

In his new role, Barry will be able to dedicate more of his time to this work, bringing new sponsors, broadcasters and other commercial partners to the BDO, for the benefit of the entire sport.

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