26 October 2011

Dr Darts comes to the BDO website


We are pleased to announce that, from 1st December, the BDO website will begin to feature articles on darts by Dr. Patrick Chaplin (aka ‘Dr. Darts’).

Patrick is probably known to many of you already but, for those who are not familiar with his work, Patrick has researched darts for over 25 years and published widely on the subject in darts magazines, including Darts World, local, provincial and national press and contributed to a number of books on sport.

Patrick’s research is currently sponsored by the WINMAU Dartboard Co.

His published works include three book projects with three-time Embassy World Champion John Lowe and working with multi-world women’s champion Trina Gulliver on her autobiography Golden Girl. Patrick has also written his own guide to darts playing The Official Bar Guide to Darts (2010) and the book based on his PhD, Darts in England 1900-1939 – A social history was published by Manchester University Press in 2009.  His most recent venture into print was in June this year when he and ‘The King of Bling’ Bobby George’s hilarious book Scoring for Show, Doubles for Dough – Bobby George’s Darts Lingo was published by Apex Publishing.  

In 2010 Patrick launched his own online newsletter Dr. Darts’ Newsletter (DDN) which boasts subscribers from all over the globe.

When asked about contributing to the BDO website, Patrick said, “I’m thrilled. This is something I have thought about for many years and now it is becoming a reality. It is an extraordinary additional opportunity for me to present some of my research to darts fans, providing them with information not only about darts history but on other aspects of the sport we all love.”

Patrick’s first contribution will be a brief history of the sport of darts. He said, “There is a lot of rubbish published in books and out there on the ‘net about the origins of darts but this first piece will set the record straight.”

Some of Patrick’s detailed research together with back issues of his Dr. Darts’ Newsletter can be found on his website www.patrickchaplin.com. Fans can also contact him via his website.

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