Lakeside World Pro Qualifiers Mens Entries - Updated 15/09/2017

Firstname Surname Country How Qualified
Martin Adams England BICC Averages
Mark Alexander Scotland 100% BICC
Geir Alvheim Norway Qualified Norwegian Winmau
Marco Apollonio Italy National Rankings
Keith Armiger United Kingdom Leicestershire County Play Off
David Arwyn Morris Wales Welsh International
Seigo Asada Japan Japan Open Winner
Muhammad Asif Pakistan National Rankings
Andy Aspinall England Devon County Qualifier
Martin C Atkins England Top 20 in Rankings not already qualified
Martin Atkins England Antwerp Masters 2017 Champion
Mike Atkinson England County Play-off
Norbert Attard Malta National Champion
Andy Baetens Belgium Flanders Champion
Scott Baker England BDO Gold Cup
Mindaugas Barauskas Lithuania National Ranking
Julio Barbero Spain National Champion
Jeff Bass Wales Welsh International 2017
Atle Berger Norway Ranking Norwegian Cup
Dave Bird England Counties Play Offs England
Danny Blom Netherlands Prodarts Europe
William Borland Scotland Scottish Masters Champion
Jordan Boyce Republic of Ireland Countries Play - Off
Dan Bradford England Counties Play Off England
Clinton Bridge Australia Victorian Easter Classic
Justin Broton Gibraltar National Play-Offs
Joshua Burksfield England BICC 100% Youth
Kevin Burness Northern Ireland National Ranking Table
Phil Burt England Hampshire Play Off
Larry Butler United States of America National Playoffs
Steven Caie Scotland 100% BICC
Euan Callander Scotland Scottish Internationalist
Luis Camacho Switzerland National Play-offs
Braeden Campbell Canada Youth Singles Champion
Scott Campbell Scotland 100% BICC
Gavin Carlin Northern Ireland N.I. Individual Winner
Francis Carragher Republic of Ireland London Qualifier
Shaun Carroll England County Qualifier
Shaun Carroll England Top 20 in Rankings not already qualified
Paul Carter England County play off
Iain Cash France National Play Off
Daniel Castle Wales County Qualifier
Luca Catallo Italy National Qualifier
Andy Chalmers England County Playoff
Andy Chalmers England County Play-offs
Joe Chaney United States of America Las Vegas Open
Jamie Clark Fife County Qualifier
Gabriel Clemens Germany Dinslaken open winner
Darren Clifford Northern Ireland Newry City Open Winner
Ashley Coleman England BICC 100% Youth
Dave Copley England BICC Averages
Paul Cosslett Wales Gwent County Play Off
James Cotton United States of America National Play-offs
Paul Coughlin Scotland BICC 100%
Marcel Cristescu Romania Romania Singles 2017
Logan Crooks Canada Greater Vancouver Open
Paul Croucher England Berkshire Play -offs
Graham Cumming Scotland County Play-offs
Jason Curnew Canada Newfoundland Spring Open
Mark Currans Northern Ireland National Ranking Table
Nigel Daniels Derbyshire County Play Off
Bela Darok Hungary National Ranking
Antonín Davídek Czech Republic National Play-offs
Wayne Davies Wales Welsh International 2017
Brian Dawson England BDO Rankings
Daniel Day England BICC Averages
Jose De Sousa Portugal Vizcaya Int Open Champion
Garry Dee Jnr Scotland County Play-Off
Nicky Denoon Scotland Country Play-Off
Matthew Dicken England BDO 18-25 Qualifier
John Joe Dolan Republic of Ireland Countries Play - Off
Neil Duff Northern Ireland Belfast City Open Winner
Yoeri Duijster Netherlands Youth Festival of Darts
Wayne Dunn Spain Champion Andalucia Cup
Dylan Duo Gibraltar National Play-Offs
Aaron Dyer England Winmau Qualifier
Mike Dwyer Canada National Singles
Jim Edwards Canada Chris Hatter Memorial
RICHIE EDWARDS WALES BDO Rankings Top 20 not already qualified
Hallgrímur Egilsson Iceland National Ranking
Charlie Ekberg Sweden Swedish Rankings
Trevor Ellacott England County Play-Off
Gary Elliott Northern Ireland National Harp Individuals
Shingo Enomata Japan Japan Masters
Richard Ettwell England County Play-Offs
Dave Evans England Counties Play Offs England
Simon Fairbrother England County Qualifier
Martin Farmer England County Play-off
Martin Farmer England County Play-Offs
Mark Farmer Spain Champion C.Valenciana Cup
Colin Feeley Scotland National Play-Offs
Ian Fields Isle of Man National Ranking Tables
Jim Fitzsimmons United States of America Witch City Open
John Flood Republic of Ireland Countries Play - Off
Billy Fogarty Republic of Ireland Irish National Rankings
Andy Fordham England Top 20 in Rankings not already qualified
Andrew Foster England County Qualifier
Adrian Frim Romania National Ranking
Sheldon Fudge Canada National Singles
Jack Fuller England Southern Youth Singles Champions U21
Leonard Gates United States of America Charlotte Open
Keith Geraghty Republic of Ireland Irish Masters
Mike Gillet Wales Welsh International 2017
Chris Gilliland Northern Ireland Nido Classic Winner
Davy Glenn Northern Ireland National Ranking Table
Kallum Graham England British Teenage Champion
George Grant England Oxfordshire Play Off
Toon Greebe Netherlands 4 Nation Tournament
Ben Green England County Play Off
Rodney Greer Northern Ireland National Guinness Masters
Rhys Griffin Wales Top 20 Not already Qualified
Vitor Manuel Guerra Charrua Iceland National Rankings
Petur Ruorik Guomundsson Iceland Icelandic Champion 2017
Henrik Halsvik Norway qualified Norwegian Winmau
Wayne Hammond northern ireland suffolk play off
Ted Hankey England Sponsors Invite
Niels Jørgen Hansen Denmark Jutland Fuen Champion
Dennis Harbour England BICC Averages
Aaron Patrik Hardy Austria National Rankings
Wesley Harms Netherlands Itialian Grand Masters
Wayne Harrison Isle of Man National Ranking Tables
Andreas Harrysson Sweden Swedish Champion
Rhys Hayden England 18-25 Male Youth Festival
Michael Haynes England Gwynedd Open Champion
Hakon Helling Norway Winmau Qualifier
Andrew Hircock England County play off
Marcel Hirzel Switzerland National Play-offs
Paul Hogan England Rankings
Ryan Hogarth Scotland Scottish Internationalist
Ryan Hogarth Scotland National Qualifier
Istvan Holbach Romania Romania Masters 2017
Sean Holley England South West Play Off
Gareth Holt Wales Welsh International 2017
Jamie Hughes England BDO Rankings
Throstur Ingimarsson Iceland National Play-offs
Keith Jackson Jersey Country Play Offs
Pavel Jirkal Czech Republic National Rankings
Dennis Johannsen Denmark Danish Youth Champion over 18
Thor Helmer Johansen Norway Norwegian Champion
Tim Jones Wales Glamorgan County Play Offs
Ryan Joyce England Full Internationalist England
Ryan Joyce England Gold Cup Singles Winner
Rodney Kane Northern Ireland N.I. Masters Winner
Tytus Kanik Poland National Ranking
Krzysztof Kciuk Poland National Ranking
Kieran Kehoe Republic of Ireland Irish National Pub Singles
Willie Kershaw England Yorkshire Play-Off
Jani Keskinarkaus Finland Finnish Qualifier
Simon Key England South West Play Off
Ash Khayat England BDO 18-25 Qualifier
Bradley Kirk England BDO Rankings
David Kirwan Scotland National Qualifiers
Karoly Kisgeczi Hungary National Ranking
Martijn Kleermaker Netherlands National Play-offs
Martin Koverhult Sweden National Qualifier
Darius Labanauskas Lithuania Adeficator Open Champion 2017
Jacques Labre France French National Champion
Chris Landman Netherlands National Play-offs
Kevin Lane Isle of Man National Ranking Tables
Dion Lavoilette Canada National Singles
Ricky Lewis Gwynedd Gwynedd County Play-Off
Tony Littleton England County Play-off
Brian Lokken Demark Gibraltar Open
Antony Lopez Gibraltar National Play-Offs
Jason Lovett England County Playoff
Jason Lovett England County Play-offs
Stephen Lovett England 100% BICC
Kristian Lukas Switzerland National Play-offs
Anthony Lupton England County Qualifier
Andy Lynn England County Qualifier
Ross MacDougall Scotland National Play-Offs
Ian MacKenzie England County Play-Off
Rashad Mahmood Pakistan National Rankings
Willem Mandigers Netherlands National Ranking
Salvatore Mantarro Italy National Rankings
Andy Martin Northern Ireland National Ranking
Mark Mcgeeney England Dutch Open Winner
Sean Mcgowan Republic of Ireland Irish National Rankings
Mark McGrath New Zealand Alan King Memorial Champion
Jimmy McGuigan Scotland Scottish Internationalist
Dermott Mcguinness Northern Ireland National Ranking Table
Kyle Mckinstry Northern Ireland Hal Open Winner
Michael Meaney Republic of Ireland Irish National Singles
Keith Medhurst Gibraltar National Play-Offs
Neil Meneer England County Play-off
Cameron Menzies Scotland British Open winner
Frantisek Mika Slovaker National Ranking Tables
Bruce Montgomery Grampian 100% BICC
Dave Moore Jersey National Rankings
Marty Moreland Northern Ireland Hypnodart National Single
Martin Morrison Scotland Scotland Internationalist
Alex Morrison Scotland 100% BICC
Attila Mucsi Hungary National Play-offs
Jonas Munk Denmark Jutland Youth Champion over 18
Dawson Murschell Canada Winmau Invite
Paavo Myller Finland Finnish Qualifier
Gintaras Nagevicius Lithuania National Ranking
Attila Nagy Hungary National Play-offs
Robbie Nelson Isle of Man National Ranking Tables
Danny Nicholls England BDO Gold Cup
Dennis Nilsson Sweden Lithuania Open Winner
Danny Noppert Netherlands BDO Rankings
Keith O'Neill Scotland Lothian County playoff qualifier
Tony O'Shea England BDO Rankings
John O’shea Republic of Ireland Irish Grand Prix
Steve Oberg Jersey National Qualifier
Dennie Olde Kalter Netherlands National Ranking
Nicolai Olsen Denmark Sealand Champion
Jozsef Ori Hungary National Play-offs
Matt Padgett England Counties Play Offs England
Dave Parletti England 100% BICC
Dyson Parody Gibraltar National Champion
Gabriel Pascaru Romania National Ranking
Morten Paulsen Sweden National Qualifiers
Darren Peetoon Essex County Play Off
Tatu Pehkonen Finland Finnish Qualifier
Ville Petäjämäki Finland Finnish Qualifier
Jozsef Peter Hungray National Ranking
Luc Peters Netherlands Youth Festival of Darts
Cavan Phillips Wales BICC 100% youth
Ricardo Pietreczko Germany National Rankings
Stevie Plank Scotland Scotland International Player 2017
Dave Prins England Top 20 Mens BICC Averages
Craig Quinn Scotland Scottish Internationalist
Juuso Raittila Finland Finnish championships
Brian Raman Belgium Belgium Youth Festival
KRZYSZTOF RATAJSKI Poland National Play-offs
Noel Redmond Republic of Ireland Irish National Rankings
Mickey Reed England BICC 100%
Dean Reynolds Wales Glamorgan Open Winner 2017
Mark Rice England County Play-Offs
Paul Richardson England Winmau Qualifier
Robert Rickwood England Top 20 Mens Averages BICC
Ronnie Roberts England Northern Youth Under 21 Champion
Scott Robertson Scotland 100% BICC
Joshua Robinson Wales BICC 100% Youth
Gary Robson England Top 20 in rankings not already qualified
Victor Rodgriuez Spain Gibraltar Youth Open Winner
Andreas Rokstad Norway Qualified Norwegian Winmau
Keith Rooney Northern Ireland N.I. Open Winner
Petr Rouc Czech Republic National Play-offs
Adrian Rouke Northern Ireland National Play Offs
Jozsef Rucska Hungary National Play-offs
James Russell Scotland 100% BICC Wins
Hogarth Ryan Scotland National Qualifiers
Chaudhry Akhtar Saeed Pakistan National Rankings
Sam Salt Spain National Rankings
Tom Sawyer United States of America National Play-offs
Albert Scerri Malta National Rankings
Rowdy Schoremans Netherlands National Play-offs
John Scott Middlesex County play off
Dan Selfridge Scotland County Play-Off
Daniele Sergi Italy National Qualifier
David Sharp Scotland 100% BICC
Garry Simpson England County Play off
Per Skau Denmark Danish Champion
Zaine Skelton Australia Australian Youth Masters
Jeff Smith Canada Bob Jones Memorial
Rod Snow Canada Ranking National
Alan Soutar Scotland National Champion
Jeffrey Sparidaans Netherlands National Play-offs
Phil Speak Jersey National Rankings
Reece Spurr England Nottinghamshires Play Off
Gary Stafford England BDO Rankings
Milan Stefanak Slovaker National Ranking Tables
Callum Stewart Scotland County Play-Off
Joe Stewart Jersey Country Play Offs
Mark Stock England Somerset County Play Off
Gary Stone Scotland County Play-Off
Terry Stubbs England Bicc 100%
Charlie Symons England Uk Youth Challenge North
Lee Taylor England County Qualifier
Derk Telnekes Netherlands National Ranking
Lester Thompson Wales Internationalist
Garry Thompson England BDO Rankings
Gary Tipping Northern Ireland National Gold Cup Singles
Edwin Torbjörnsson Sweden National Qualifier
Thibault Tricole France National Play Off
Mauri Tuutijärvi Sweden National Qualifier
Michael Unterbuchner Germany National rankings
Wouter Vaes Netherlands BDO Rankings
Davy Van Baelen Belgium Antwerp Champion
Jaimy van Bavel Netherlands Youth Festival of Darts
Carlo van Cleef Netherlands BDO Rankings
Viani Van Den Bergh Belgium Belgian Gold Cup
Dennis van der Steen United Kingdom Youth festival of Darts Belgium
Philip Van Gasse Belgium Limburg Champion
Luuk van Lieshout Netherlands Youth Festival of Darts
Wesley van Trijp Netherlands Youth festival of Darts Belgium
Daniel Varney England County Play-Off
Richard Veenstra Netherlands National Play-offs
Maikel Verberk Netherlands Youth festival of Darts Belgium
Juraj Vindis Slovakia National Ranking Tables
Silko Visser Netherlands Roman International Open
Urs Vonrufs Switzerland National Play-offs
Scott Waites England Bdo Ranking
Dave Walsh United States of America National Play-offs
Sean Walsh Austria National Qualifier
Richie Walsh Republic of Ireland Countries Play - Off
Chris Ware England County Play-Off
Wayne Warren Wales Top 20 not already qualified
Richard Watson England Counties Play Off England
Jeff Watt Northern Ireland national rankings
Paul Wells England County Play-off
Sven Wens Belgium Austria Open
STEVE WERRETT ENGLAND West of England County playoff
Mark Westgarth England Counties Play Offs England
Conan Whitehead England Top 20 not already qualified
Mark Wilkie Scotland County Play-off
Derek Williams Wales County Play-Off
Paul Williams England Malta Open
Mark Wilson England County Play-Off
Pawel Wolynka Poland National Ranking
Vladimir Zatko Slovaker National Ranking Tables