Welcome to Northumberland's County Page

Northumberland have been members of the BDO since it's inception, with famous names such as the legendary Jocky Wilson, 'Man in Black' Gary Robson, 'Stodfish' Graeme Stoddart, and recent additions to the PDC fold, Geordie-Aussie Paul Nicholson, and 'SuperMc' Kevin McDine gracing it's county stage.  

Northumberland have played their county games at various venues around the county, but their current home is the Marlborough Social Club, right on the edge of the City Centre, in Newcastle. This makes Northumberland a popular fixture with many counties who not only 'appreciate' what is often a huge difference in bar prices in the venue compared with those at home, but who also like to sample Newcastle's 'Party Capital' nightlife. Visitors to Northumberland are always extended a warm Geordie welcome, and we like to think that our opponents enjoy their visit to Geordieland whatever the outcome of the match.

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